Kalashnikov on the story between the AK, the Type 56 (VIDEO)

Kalashnikov sets the record straight on the differences between the standard Soviet/Russian AK47 and its Chinese Type 56 “Spiker” counterpart.

While the AK47 series was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov and adopted in 1947 by the Motherland, in the interest of Communist solidarity Moscow exported plans and know-how to Mao’s Red China just a decade later so the Chinese could start brewing their own, complete with an SKS-style folding bayonet. The thing is, the relationship soured pretty quick, which left Beijing to go their own way on the Kalash without any further input from Izhevsk.

As described by Pavel Ptcicin, founder of a popular Russian AK forum, Type 56 is the subject of a history lesson on the model, and how the Chinese, in turn, exported their modified design to Albania, Iran, North Korea, and others.

Unfortunately, they don’t strip them down and really get into the guts, but hey, it is an interesting installment in AK history if you have five minutes to kill.

So which one is better? Well, it is a clip from Kalashnikov, so don’t be shocked at the outcome.

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