Myrtle Beach gun show draws group of protesters (VIDEO)

For the second time in six months, members of the Horry County Democratic Party Gun Sense Committee stood outside of a Myrtle Beach gun show to show support for stricter gun laws.

The group is pushing for background checks on all gun purchases and to close what’s been dubbed as the “Charleston Loophole,” named after the 2015 Charleston church shooting that left nine dead. The man responsible for that shooting was able to buy a gun after a three-day waiting period, despite his background check being incomplete.

Protester Bennie Swanson said the group is trying to save lives, while fellow protester Rosemary Wolf expressed frustration over a lack of action.

“There’s been absolutely nothing done since we’ve been out here six months ago. And we need to get legislatures to do something,” said protester Rosemary Wolfe.

“I’m not saying we have to prevent people from having guns,” Wolfe added. “But certainly there’s no need to have people walking around with automatics and semiautomatics.”

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