Pumpkin decimation, obliteration, and ruin via all available means (VIDEOS)

Getting in before the end of the season with the pumpkin smashing mayhem, we have a little bit of everything including the kitchen sink in this installment.

Brought to you as part of our in-depth coverage this Fall of pumpkin liquidation that has even included light artillery, in the above we have Hickok45 bring out household tools along with a Draco and a double-barrel SXS to up the ante.

Next, we have Taran Butler with Taran Tactical run through his high-speed carving technique in less than 30 seconds.

Then comes Edwin Sarkissian from the Left Coast who has an Ax-infused pumpkin that goes extra crispy.

Followed up by Clay Martin who shows how to carve a pumpkin like a man (including a Kung Fu voiceover)

And, to close things out for our Halloweenie coverage this year, we have Black Rifle Coffee with some horror film survival tactics

See you (and your pumpkins) next year!

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