20-second smash and grab leads to stolen handguns (VIDEO)

Authorities are searching for the suspect in a smash and grab-style burglary at a Colonie, New York, gun shop Sunday morning.

The burglary, which was captured on surveillance video and occurred around 1:30 a.m., unraveled in less than 30 seconds.

The suspect appeared to use a crowbar to break the glass in the front door of New York Shooter Supply, walked inside, smashed a display case, then filled a backpack with handguns. Police were on the scene within a matter of minutes, but the thief was already long gone. An attempt to track him with a K-9 unit was unsuccessful.

Lt. Robert Winn with Colonie Police noted the suspect was cool, calm, and collected while committing the crime, and did not even flinch when the burglar alarm sounded.

“It’s possible that he probably had some knowledge of the store, maybe he previously had been in there, previously cased the store,” Winn said, while adding their biggest concern now is the stolen guns on the street.

[ WNYT ]

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