Florida homeowner finds bullet-riddled body on his lawn (VIDEO)

Authorities are asking residents of one Florida neighborhood for information about a man who was found shot to death Monday morning, but so far, tips remain nil.

According to deputies with the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office, the Lake Worth homeowner walked outside around 7 a.m. to find a man’s body riddled with bullet holes on his lawn. Neighbors reported hearing gunshots about 5 a.m., but no one called the police until after the body was found. Deputies said they know someone in the neighborhood must have valuable information, but as for now, everyone’s lips remained sealed.

Twenty-nine-year-old resident Johniel Gomez, whose brother’s murder two years ago still remains unsolved, doesn’t expect anyone to talk. When reporters asked why, his answer was simple.

“Somebody might come back, and shoot you for snitching,” he said.

[ CBS 12 ]

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