Visting with the funky Spanish Destroyer bolt-action carbine in 9mm Largo (VIDEO)

Taking the M1893 Mauser as inspiration, the Destroyer was a scaled down pistol caliber carbine that was popular with Spanish police for about 50 years.

Chambered in 9x23mm Largo (Bergmann), which is pretty stout for a pistol round, the carbine was used by the country’s large national police force — the Guardia Civil — as well as forestry guards, prison guards, factory guards, “guarderia” civilian rural guards, and even sold on the private market in Spain and abroad. The appeal of the handy rifle was that it used the same cartridge– and in some cases the same magazine– as those carried by police, allowing quick standardization.

Tim’s gun in the above video from the Military Arms Channel has a beautiful specimen of the breed.

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