These Swiss ballistic shields look right out of Captain America 2018 (VIDEOS)

Universal Shield is a company based in Switzerland that specializes in some crazy-looking handheld ballistic protection.

Located in Bière, about 50 miles from Geneva, they produce both traditional hard plate and soft body armor, but it is their series of “dynamic combat shields” that draw the most attention. Meant to be used with an adjustable handle and pad on the off-hand while allowing the shooter’s strong hand to access their weapon, they give some added ballistic protection to the user.

Ranging from a small 10×17-inch NIJ III+ Mini-Shield that weighs 5.5-pounds to the 20-pound Shark and 27-pound Chaos shields, each has a series of cutouts to allow the user to get into some oddball shooting angles as needed.

Sure, they look kinda goofy in the above video, and the reload needs to be practiced for sure, but Universal has apparently sold shields to the Italian military and Pontifical Swiss Guard, among others. Plus tactical training gurus such as Rob Pincus and Instructor Zero have shown up with their products, so there is that.

If you want some more Universal Shield action, with high production values and dramatic music overlays, check out the below and drink it in while you eat a Toblerone. As a bonus, lots of sweet Sigs show up in their videos, a upsell of being Swiss.

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