Blasting off with a rare SSK Industries .950 JDJ rifle (VIDEO)

Chewing up converted 20x110mm cannon rounds of the same type used in the M61 Vulcan Gatling-style rotary cannon to shoot down aircraft, the .950 JDJ has a little kick.

Warming up with a puny 12-gauge slug before moving to a 4-bore rifle that shoots twinkie-sized shells and a downright bruising .700 Nitro Express, the staff at Rock Island Auction Company in Illinois work their way up to the .950.

One of the first guns in the caliber produced by J. D. Jones (the โ€œJDJโ€ in .950 JDJ), the rifle looks like a cannon went it is fired as a result of its stout muzzle brake/recoil compensator that sends propellant gases up and out. Yet somewhere, you can be sure there is a guy who swears his .44 handloads are hotter.

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