GirlShot serves up Concealed Carry Ammo Compact for ladies

(Photo: GirlShot)

The Concealed Carry Ammo Compact offers female shooters colored ammo in a compact-style case. (Photo: GirlShot)

GirlShot, a company centered on products for women, dropped an all-new product called the Concealed Carry Ammo Compact.

Aimed squarely at lady shooters who like a little flare with their concealed carry gear, the Concealed Carry Ammo Compact is designed to mimic a make-up compact, complete with mirror. In lieu of powder, though, women will find 10 rounds of live 9mm ammunition.

“GirlShot has scoured the planet designing, developing and packaging the highest quality products for women shooters,” the company’s website says. “GirlShot’s 1st product is a gorgeous concealed-carry compact: the perfect gift and ideal lifestyle statement.”

The Concealed Carry Ammo Compact offers a soft-touch concealed-carry compact case with interior mirror. Under a hidden inner lid, shooters will find a compartment that holds 10 “personal protection rounds.” The rounds, according to the company, combine Shell Shock’s case technology with Full Stop expanding, solid copper hollow-point bullets. The ammo boasts unique “Sante Fe” blue bases for a splash of color.

One box will set shooters back $49.95. The Concealed Carry Ammo Compact is currently available from Shell Shock Technologies.

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