SB Tactical teams up with Kaw Valley Precision for buffer and spring kits

(Photo: SB Tactical)

The Buff10, pictured above, is one of two new PDW buffer and spring kits offered by SB Tactical in partnership with Kaw Valley Precision. (Photo: SB Tactical)

SB Tactical, best known for its Pistol Stabilizing Brace, partners up with Kaw Valley Precision to introduce the Buff75 and Buff10 buffer and spring kits.

The kits are designed to work alongside the SBPDW brace and are optimized to offer better functionality and increased durability. SB Tactical says the new buffer kits are essential as AR internal lower parts aren’t necessarily designed for use with pistol calibers. The company says the Buff75 and Buff10 kits are specifically constructed for PDW style weapons.

Both kits offer the PCC extra power spring and precision-weighted buffers which serve up increased pre-load and blowback system dwell times. This ultimately results in quieter function, less felt recoil and decreased wear of parts over time.

The Buff75 kit was designed with 9mm builds in mid and boasts a 7.5-ounce buffer with PCC extra power spring. The Buff10 kit ships with a 10-ounce tungsten buffer and PCC extra power spring for users shooting heavier 9mm loads suppressed as well as .40 S&W, .45 ACP and 10mm calibers.

The buffer and spring kits are available through SB Tactical with the Buff75 retailing for $54.95 and the heavier Buff10 priced at $74.95.

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