Stag Arms dials it back with the Stag 15 Retro series

The Stag 15 Retro Series offer a military A2 style design. (Photo: Stag Arms)

The Stag 15 Retro Series offer a durable A2 style design. (Photo: Stag Arms)

Stag Arms turns back the clock with its latest entry in its AR-15 series, adding the Stag 15 Retro Series to its product lineup.

The Stag 15 Retro Series offers a high quality, durable, A2 style available in left and right handed model rifles, uppers and rifle kits. Chambered in 5.56 NATO, the Retro series boasts a 20-inch 1/8 chrome moly barrel with A2 birdcage flash hider, removable A3 carry handle and an 11.5-inch thermoplastic handguard with double heat shields. Topping off the rifle’s features is an A2 buttstock with trap door for extra storage of accessories.

Optional upgrades on the series include a nickle boron bolt carrier group in lieu of the standard manganese phosphate coated BCG. Stag also offers up an optional ambidextrous package with ambi safety and charging handle. In addition, the rifle serves up state specific packages, allowing New Jersey and Maryland residents the opportunity to legally own the Retro rifle.

The Stag 15 Retro Series comes with a Transferable Lifetime Warranty, Infinite Barrel Guarantee, 20 round magazine and rifle case. The series is priced at $899 for the right-handed model and $939 for the left-handed model though Stag is currently offering a special introductory price of $674.99 for righties and $704.99 for lefties.

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