TNW Firearms releases homebuilder kit for Aero Survival Rifle and Pistol

(Photo: TNW Firearms)

The Aero Survival Rifle and Pistol homebuilders kit allows gun lovers to build their very own firearm. (Photo: TNW Firearms)

TNW Firearms debuted the Aero Survival Rifle and Aero Survival Pistol in a homebuilders kit featuring an ATF approved 80-percent receiver.

The kit is designed to give firearm enthusiasts the opportunity to legally build their own gun for personal use. Keeping within the theme of the Aero Survival lineup, the completed kit is a takedown gun offering portability and making it an ideal emergency survival option.

The homebuilders kit is equipped with an 80-percent upper receiver tube, approved by the ATF, that must be completed; however all other parts in the kit are finished and ready for use. The company includes detailed drawings and instructions on finishing the 80-percent receiver tube, adding an exploded view of all parts needed to assemble the lower.

The Rifle Homebuilders Kit comes with a 16.25-inch barrel while the Pistol Kit ships with an 8-inch barrel. A 10.25-inch barrel is available from TNW Firearms upon request. The Survival Rifle accepts standard AR-15 buttstocks, buffer tubes and pistols grips โ€” all sold separately. TNW Handguards and adapters are also available separately.

Centerfire Aero Survival Hombeuilders Kits come in the choice of 9mm Luger, .375 Sig, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and 10mm with all using Glock pattern magazines. Rimfire version come in 22 LR and 22 WMR, using Remington 597 mags.

The Aero Survival lineup of homebuilders kits is now available featuring a MSRP of $375.

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