Man pretending to be cop busted after pulling over off-duty officer

A 24-year-old man was faced with a string of bad luck while impersonating a police officer in Louisville, Kentucky, last week.

Brandon Hurley was arrested Saturday night after he pulled over an off-duty police officer.

“The officer passed the defendant, the defendant then did a U-turn in the road and got behind affiant’s vehicle,” said Judge Sean Delahanty, adding, “That’s some bad, that’s just some bad luck there.”

Delahanty said the real cop stopped because he thought Hurley needed help, but then Hurley quizzed the officer on hitting a curb and how fast he was driving. Hurley identified himself as a police officer and after a brief exchange, became confused when the man he pulled over said he was a police officer.

When the officer asked for Hurley’s department and badge number, Hurley quickly drove away. The officer, however, jotted down Hurley’s license plate number.

But in another turn of unlucky events, the officer realized he recognized Hurley from high school.

Hurley is charged with impersonating an officer and second-degree wanton endangerment.

[ WLKY ]

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