Testing the world's cutest 12 gauge shotgun shells (VIDEO)

Going even smaller than a factory Aguila Mini-Shell, shotgun experimenters at large Taofledermaus tests a batch of homemade micro-shells that go an inch or less in overall length.

Loaded with a few pellets of 00 buck stuffed into cutdown low-brass hulls, the downright lilliputian handloads are a no-go when they try to cycle them in a Mossberg 500 series pump, but seem to work in a break action single shot.

The definition of “work” in this case being speculative as there just isn’t a lot of room for powder in these cutshells. The neat thing is that they used Pyrodex FFFg black powder substitute for some of the loads, which at least gives a little puff of smoke to make you feel like you are doing something.

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