Man charged with murder in shooting family claims was self-defense

A North Carolina father is charged with murder for the fatal shooting of a man in Catawba County Saturday night, but the suspect’s family maintains that he is not a cold-blooded killer, but rather acted in self-defense.

Tony Brittain appeared in court Monday morning, If convicted, he could face the death penalty.

Authorities indicate there is evidence to suggest that Brittain went to the home of Kevin Hefner to collect a drug debt, but according to Brittain’s family, it wasn’t over drugs. In fact, they say, Brittain’s daughter was robbed of $500 earlier that day, and Brittain simply went to Hefner’s home to get it back.

Brittain, however, went to the home with a shotgun, and at some point, shots were exchanged, Brittain’s wife said, and Hefner was killed.

According to witnesses at the scene, authorities recovered a weapon, as well as numerous spent shell casings. Authorities did not confirm that there was an exchange of gunfire, but did say the investigation is still ongoing.

Meanwhile, Brittain remains behind bars without bond.

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