Leica launches new CRF Rangemaster 2700-B rangefinder

(Photo: Leica)

The Rangmeaster 2700-B offers an integrated ballistics program that helps shooters make corrections in the field. (Photo: Leica)

Leica introduced a new rangefinder to its series of shooting accessories, launching the CRF Rangemaster 2700-B.

Keeping with the compact, lightweight qualities of previous rangefinder models, the CRF Rangemaster 2700-B boasts a 10 percent improvement in resolution paired with an intuitive display.

In addition, the rangefinder touts a 30-percent increase in effective range over its predecessors, providing distance determination up to 2,700 yards. At distances less than 200 yards, measurements are listed to the nearest 0.1-yard improving accuracy with rifles or bows.

The rangfinder is outfitted with a MicroSD card slot so hunters can input their own ballistic data and work with the integrated Advanced Ballistic Compensation. The equipped ABC program provides shooters with precise point-of-aim correction as well as offering user specific results within a fraction of a second. The CRF Rangemaster is capable of measuring in meters or yards and offers output in holdover, clicks or equivalent horizontal range.

The CRF Rangemaster 2700-B is currently available through Leica distributors, featuring a price tag of $899.

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