Hi-Lux launches Phenom riflescope for precision long range shooting

(Photo: Hi-Lux)

The MIL-based Phenom by Hi-Lux offers a CW-3 reticle for precision long range shooting. (Photo: Hi-Lux)

Hi-Lux expands is optics series, offering the Phenom 5-30X riflescope designed for precision long range shooting matches.

The Hi-Lux Phenom is a first focal plane scope that boasts an illuminated CW-3 reticle. Hi-Lux says the CW-3 is a MIL based-scope that provides speedy ranging and holdovers.

“Available in both red and green illumination, the CW-3 is a first focal plane reticle — accurate at every magnification setting and allows the shooter to visibly trace the bullet’s path down range,” the company said in a press release.

The 56mm objective lens paired with the 34mm tune offers superb light gathering ability which, in turn, provides for better sight picture resolution and clarity at dawn and dusk. The scope comes equipped with quick locking, tool-less locking turrets that aim to prevent accidental windage or elevation adjustments.

In addition, the turrets serve up 12 MILs of adjustments per turn of elevation. One full turn of windage moves the point of impact 6 MILs right or left.

The Hi-Lux Phenom 5x-30X FFP Riflescope is available from Hi-Lux, carrying a price tag of $840.

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