Looking for a deal on an armored car? Gotcha covered (VIDEO)

It may be a 46-year-old armored vehicle but this British-made Alvis Fox reportedly drives well and looks good right down to its Jaguar engine.

Officially designated an FV721 Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Wheeled), the Fox was created to help British Army armored units scout across Europe in an engagement with the Warsaw Pact across the Fulda Gap during the Cold War.

Using aluminum armour to protect from small arms fire, the Fox mounted a pretty serious 30mm cannon as well as a co-axial machine gun, though Atlantic Firearms โ€” who currently has this 1971-vintage model up for grabs โ€” says this one is fitted with simulated gas-fired cannons as it was used in movies and publicity events.

Powered by a 4.2L Jaguar XK J60 with a five-speed transmission, when new the 4ร—4 Fox could break 65 mph on good roads. While the British withdrew them from service after the First Gulf War, these vehicles are still apparently on active duty in Malawi and Nigeria among others.

Price for your very own Fox? Atlantic is asking just under $50K, but is โ€œopen to reasonable offers.โ€

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