Shooting spree in Northern California leaves 5 dead, 10 injured

A gunman opened fire at an elementary school during a shooting spree Wednesday morning in Northern California, killing four people and injuring 10 others.

Thanks to a locked door, the gunman, Kevin Janson Neal, 43, wearing a military vest carrying multiple magazines and armed with a rifle and two handguns was unable to get inside of the school, according to local reports.

Although police have not released a motive, a dispute with neighbors allegedly spurred the shooting in which Neal selected targets at random for 45 minutes. Reports of the shooting began rolling in just before 8 am.

Authorities have not yet released the names of the victims, but clarified that no students or school staff were killed. However, two students were among the injured.

During a press conference, Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said the gunman drove two different vehicles as he traveled from location to location causing mayhem. After crashing the first vehicle, he stole a truck. Police responding to the incident crashed into the second vehicle and engaged the gunman, killing him.

Johnston’s office along with other local, state and federal authorities are investigating the shooting spree, which spanned seven different locations. He added that the gunman has prior run-ins with police, including a domestic violence dispute.

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