Testing out CCI's new polymer-coated .22LR Christmas loads (VIDEO)

Did you know CCI now has a line of poly-coated .22LR ammo in Christmas colors? If you didn’t, and are curious, rimfire expert 22Plinkster has you covered.

Bulk packed in 300-round boxes complete with a “Merry Christmas” banner– no Happy Holidays stuff here– this 40-grain load has a polymer-coated bullet in green and red colors. Designed to reduce fouling and friction when compared to leadheads, polycoated ammo has been on the market in centerfire loads for a minute but CCI may be the only ones with a rimfire load and it is currently just a limited edition, seasonal offering.

How does it shoot? Well according to CCI’s specs, it runs 1,235fps and in the above video 22Plinkster goes in-depth with the round in rifles and pistols as well as through a suppressor, looking for functionality and accuracy.

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