Brownells launches 'F.A.K.E News. Real Deals' channel (VIDEOS)

With turtleneck-clad head anchor Woof Howitzer at the helm of the team of crack correspondents, Brownells brings you the best in fabricated reality while slipping in some hot deals.

Replacing the retailer’s annual November Black Rifle Event, the F.A.K.E News spots are short broadcasts fronted by a gregarious Howitzer complete with beard and tweed sports coat in his best “Blitz” as he does cutaways for sports, weather and hard-hitting field reports.

In the above, Howitzer reports on efforts by the Firearms Retailers United Industry Team (FRUIT) to seek advice from “bitter, lonely internet trolls” inside the gun community before checking in on Global Warming and the latest exercise fads (Prancercise) with plugs for S&W handguns tossed in.

“I’m Woof Howitzer, and that’s no lie,” he closes while trying to figure out which camera is hot.

Other pieces, released earlier this month, cover classified special ops missions through questionable leaked footage, Vladimir Putin’s exercise regimen, a visit with a Hulkinated Sootch00, and a stop at Henry Arms’ “Lever Action Pizza” location.

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