Colt shows the mesmerizing process that is polishing a Single Action Army (VIDEO)

The Single Action Army has been around since 1873 and Colt shows off some of the behind the scenes magic on how a frame for the classic revolver is finished.

In the short clip, a roughly finished frame gets some quality one-on-one time at the hands of a machinist working an industrial-sized buffing wheel. The finished result is as pretty as a newly-minted nickel. Seems like a horrible job to have.

The SAA or Peacemaker, which was standard issue for the U.S. Army at the tail end of the 19th Century, is perhaps one of the most iconic “six-shooters” of the Old West, carried by everyone from Buffalo Bill Cody and Teddy Roosevelt to Pat Garrett and General George S. Patton.  It’s that legacy that has kept in more or less in production ever since.

Speaking of legendary, check out how a 1911 is made below.

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