Kimber announces new Stainless 1911 Long Slide

(Photo: Kimber)

The Stainless Long Slide boasts rosewood grips adn chamberings in .45 ACP and 10mm. (Photo: Kimber)

Kimber continues to prove its 1911 prowess, introducing the latest in its pistol series — the Stainless 1911 Long Slide.

Available in .45 ACP and 10mm, the gun blends a modern look with the classic 1911 frame. The Stainless Long Slide pistol is constructed from high quality raw materials machined and hand-crafted to create the new edition.

Measuring 9.7-inches in total length and tipping scales at 42 ounces with an empty magazine, the Stainless Long Slide boasts a 6-inch barrel and slide hand-fitted to the frame.

Other features include a dovetail mounted rear adjustable target sight and front red fiber optic sight, beveled magazine well and match grade trigger. Trigger weight is factor set between four and five pounds.

In keeping with Kimber’s signature sleek style, the 1911 boasts rosewood grips set against the aluminum frame for a dressed up look. The pistol features a 7-round capacity in .45ACP and 8-round capacity in 10mm.

The .45 ACP variant touts a hefty price of $1,075 while the 10mm version comes in slightly lower at $1,055.

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