Creedmoor Sports announces new reloading accessories

(Photo: Creedmoor Sports)

The loading block is one of four new products designed by Creedmoor Sports. (Photo: Creedmoor Sports)

Precision shooting products manufacturer and supplier, Creedmoor Sports, introduced four new products to its reloading accessories series aimed at making reloading simpler and faster.

The Creedmoor Wilson Case Trimmer Platform, the Creedmoor Annealing Made Perfect Pilot Holder, The 30 Caliber Loading Block and 22 Caliber Loading Block are the latest to hit the reloading series.

The Trimmer Platform (Photo: Creedmoor Sports)

The L.E. Wilson case trimmer rests on the new Case Trimmer Platform. (Photo: Creedmoor Sports)

The Creedmoor Wilson Case Trimmer Platform is a mounting board for the L.E. Wilson case trimmer, which offers the ability to store nine different case holders. It comes with a polymer tapping block for knocking cases out of the holder. Featuring four rubber feet to secure the platform to the bench, the Wilson Case Trimmer Platform touts a MSRP of $43.95.

The Creedmoor Annealing Made Perfect Pilot Holder keeps supplies organized with 10 different pilots and a brass shell holder grip. Creedmoor Sports says the holes are perfectly sized to keep pilot upright so reloaders can easily find which one is needed for the job. MSRP is set at $22.95.

The Annealing Made Perfect Pilot Holder. (Photo: Creedmoor Sports)

The Annealing Made Perfect Pilot Holder aims to organize pilots. (Photo: Creedmoor Sports)

The 30 Caliber and 223 Caliber Loading Blocks round out the new product offerings. The durable loading blocks feature grooved sides to create and easy to grip area. The white color allows reloaders to quickly identify any spilled powder while a chamfered hole permits easy brass placement. the loading blocks come in 25 and 50 round configuration, with both dishwasher safe. The loading blocks range in price from $11.95 to $14.95.

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