Everything you wanted to know about the Springfield 1903 but were afraid to ask (VIDEO)

Othais and Mae with C&Rsenal go feature-length into the history, development, and variants of the U.S. Springfield 1903 as part of their Great War Small Arms Primer series.

Designed in response to the shortfalls of the Krag–Jørgensen rifle experienced by American troops when fighting Mauser-armed Spanish troops in Cuba and Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American War, the stripper-clip-charged M1903 became the standard military rifle of the U.S. throughout World War I (though augmented by the M1917 Enfield) and kept on plugging into World War II (though officially replaced by the M1 Garand).

And if you are curious about everything from the .30-03 and early rod-type bayonets to oddball WWI spin-offs like the Air Service Model, the periscope-equipped trench guns like the Guiberson, the Pedersen semi-auto and Warner-Swasey sniper variants– check out this great video.

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