Got a magnet and a wet suit? Get a Garand! (VIDEO)

Poking around in the marsh of the Dutch lowlands, this group of magnet-armed relic hunters finds everything from 60mm mortar shells and Mills bombs to a relatively complete M1 Garand.

With the ordnance piling up, these wetsuit-clad bros pull up a 2.36-inch M6A1 Bazooka rocket with the fins intact before scoring most of a Garand rifle. Once they clean it up, it proves to be a 1.9 Springfield, which dates to around August 1943– about a year before D-Day and the Allied invasion of Western Europe.

One of the first countries to fall during the German Blitzkrieg, the Netherlands was occupied from May 1940 until the Allies began to liberate the country in late 1944– though Free Dutch Forces fought outside of Holland alongside British and American troops throughout the war.  The Dutch also had several large underground resistance organizations that gave the occupiers a bit of heartburn.

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