6-year-old Wisconsin hunter takes first buck under new law (VIDEO)

A law signed last week by Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walker to eliminate the threshold age to hunt has produced results for mentored hunters.

As reported by Green Bay’s Local 5 News, six-year-old Reece Krantz of Lancaster bagged his first buck while out hunting with his father as a result of the new law.

“There is a lot of backlash and typically it is the people that don’t understand hunting,” said Joe Krantz, the youth’s father. “We just wanted the freedom to make the choice ourselves.”

Classified as a “youth mentored hunting bill” by its sponsor, Assembly Bill 455 passed the legislature earlier this month by healthy margins and removed the requirement that a person is at least 10 years old to participate in a hunting mentorship program, leaving it up to parents to decide the budding sportsman’s minimum age. The state joined 34 others that have no minimum age mandate.

As noted by Local 5, conservation officials saw numerous other instances of now-legal deer hunters in the woods and reported no accidents involving youth.

“The young new hunters actually tend to be the safer of our hunters because that safety issue is paramount in their minds all the time,” said Jeff Pritzl of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Please watch all of this video. If you have children, love the outdoors or have a heart this will make your day! Promise! This was Reece's first sit as the hunter thanks to the law change. I am a huge advocate for recruiting new hunters and this law is a game changer. Now not every kid is ready to hunt and that I understand, but our child is/was. I have educated him over the last 4 years as he has went with Ash and I since he was 2. He acquired the target, shoulders the gun, listens when I tell him to wait and fires when I tell him alright. We had a shooting bench, ear protection and most importantly snacks! Hands down the best hunt I've ever filmed… all with my best friend! He said he wants to be famous for being the first really young hunter to get a deer. 6 years old and nails it! Love you buddy and so proud!

Posted by Joe Krantz on Sunday, November 19, 2017

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