The XM42-M modular personal flamethrower is now a thing (PHOTOS)

The 3-gallon backpack is among the enhancements availible for Ion's new XM42-M Ultralite flamethrower (Photos: Ion Production)

The 3-gallon backpack is among the enhancements available for Ion’s new XM42-M Ultralite flamethrower (Photos: Ion Production)

Detroit-based Ion Productions has been a go-to in the modern flamethrower biz for almost a decade and their new modular offering even includes a 3-gallon backpack option for those on the go.

The new 8-pound XM42-M Ultralite has a built-in voltage display in the receiver for the electric fuel pump and a standard 0.4-gallon onboard fuel capacity with the capability to use gasoline, ethanol, or a gas-diesel mix, while an optional exoskeleton uses butane camping stove canisters for the pilot torch. Besides the chainsaw-type grip, the unit has a series of M-LOK slots for accessories.

Ion has been working on the overall XM42 flamethrower concept since 2008 and in 2015 raised $50,000 overnight through crowdsourcing to move what they billed as the “world’s first commercial handheld flamethrower” forward into production. We talked to Chris Byars, Ion’s president and founder last year, who said “Farmers, firefighters, controlled burn prescribers have used devices that emit streams of fire for many years,” and the XM42 has serious applications besides blackening the Thanksgiving turkey.

While the old-school XM42 runs about $750 these days, Ion says the new and improved XM42-M is available starting Black Friday for “$899 shipped anywhere in the US.”

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