Nikon Sport Optics offers new swag for hunters, shooters

(Photo: Nikon)

Pictured left ti right, the Machiato Antler Wrap Military Green Treeline Mountains and Indigo Camp Antler Wrap are some of the first tees to emerge on the company’s new apparel line. (Photo: Nikon)

Nikon Sport Optics announced a new line of apparel sporting the company’s logo designed for hunting and shooting Nikon fans.

The apparel features five t-shirt styles designed for everyday wear. The shirts come in various styles and colors; but all prominently feature a hunting themed graphic alongside the Nikon logo.

Antler Wrap tee shirts offer a tri-blend crew shirt style. Available in indigo camo, machiato and military green camo, the tees tout an antler graphic across the front. Though the Military Green Treeline Mountains Shirt and Machiato Elk Camp Shirt differ in visuals, the crew styles both offer a more scenic appearance. The Treeline Mountains tee boasts a picturesque landscape design while the Elk Camp Shirt serves up a tent graphic.

The company says the new apparel line is made to be both fashionable and comfy while providing long-lasting durability to wearers.

All shirts are priced the same at $19.95 with sizes ranging from small to XXXL

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