SureFire illuminates EDC kits with SureFire 500 Lumen EDCL1

(Photo: SureFire)

The EDCL1 is designed around the idea of everyday carry and features an output of 500 lumens. (Photo: SureFire)

SureFire continues to expand its illumination toolkit, taking one of its popular designs and improving on it to create the SureFire 500 Lumen EDCL1.

An updated take on the EB1 Backup, the Everyday Carry Light 1 features a high-output of 500 lumens and a low-output of 5 lumens. Measuring 4.5-inches in length with an overall weight of 3.3-ounces, the EDC1 runs on a single 123A battery.

The light boasts a tactical tailcap which is activated by pushing lightly for low and harder for high. Constant-on is initiated by twisting the tailcoat tight on to the light body. A Total Internal Reflection lens shapes the LED’s light into a beam with plenty of throw.

Designed to complement gun owners’ everyday carry kit, the light features a two-way clip that permits it be carried bezel up or down. SureFire adds that the light is both durable and “optimized for situational awareness” and should be a welcomed addition to any EDC load-out.

The EDCL1 is available from SureFire with a MSRP of $165.

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