B.E. Meyers’ MAWL now available for pre-order in Flat Dark Earth

(Photo: B.E. Meyers)

The FDE color scheme extends to all MAWL models, including the MAWL C+1 pictured above. (Photo: B.E. Meyers)

B.E. Meyers is outfitting its Modular Advanced Weapon Laser device in one of the tactical communities’ favorite colors — flat dark earth.

The laser manufacturer announced the FDE MAWL model is now available for pre-orders through select dealers just ahead of the holiday season. Though shooters can claim their MAWL now, shipping on the FDE version doesn’t begin until January 2018.

Shooters looking to add some colorful laser flare to their rifle builds will find the same specs, ergonomics and modularity as the standard MAWL aiming device. The laser system offers preset short, mid and long range power settings in both infrared and green output.

The FDE MAWL begins shipping in January 2018. (Photo: B.E. Meyers)

The FDE MAWL begins shipping in January 2018. (Photo: B.E. Meyers)

The FDE coloring spans all MAWL models including the MAWL-DA and MAWL-CLAD, tailored for military and law enforcement, as well as the civilian approved MAWL-C1+.

B.E. Meyers says pricing on the FDE is the same as the black version, with MSRP on the MAWL C+1 coming in at $2,500.

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