This DIY spud-gun looks ready for the Civil War (VIDEO)

Using subscriber comments and about $35 worth of material, garage gun maker AK Custom crafted a classic potato gun but added some very 19th Century styling to set it apart.

While the spud-gun itself is made with a few pieces of schedule 40 PVC and fittings, the carriage is crafted from a few boards, some eye-bolts, a length of a fencepost and some repurposed cartwheels. The neat features that make the potato-launcher more of a replica cannon include some trunnions made from a length of a broomstick and a wick-hole for good ole’ green cannon fuze made from a rivet. Spray paint the whole thing gunmetal gray and it’s good to go.

All he has to do now is work up a limber and caisson to tote a supply of combustibles and russets and it’s on. No word on if the Idaho Potato Commission sponsored this video, but if they didn’t, AK Custom should be making some phone calls.

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