We give you an uber-ornate GRAD CM-1 knife-gun (VIDEO)

Featuring 102-diamonds, gold dragon and ivory handles, this unique Global Research and Development knife includes a built-in .22 pistol and is up for auction this week.

In the late 1990s, GRAD designed what they billed as the world’s first production fixed blade knife that held a multishot firearm inside its grip. The California-based company produced four models of their knives, three of which contained working 22LR double-action revolvers.

The version shown in the above video from Ian with Forgotten Weapons is of a CM-1 model, serial numbered “Dragon” due to its special elaborate dragon motif that includes engraved gold panels, silver accents, and emerald eyes.

Registered as a National Firearms Act AOW (Any Other Weapon), it is transferable with the right forms and taxes, but the stamp is the least of a potential buyer’s concerns as the estimated price on this rimfire-augmented Damascus blade is $5,000 – $7,000 at Rock Island Auction’s upcoming December Premiere event. It is set to hit the auction block on Dec. 2.

(Photo: Rock Island)

(Photo: Rock Island)

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