Getting some range time with a .410 Enfield bolt-action shotgun (VIDEO)

Though it started life as a No.1 MKIII Short Magazine Lee-Enfield rifle in .303, this single-shot .410 “musket” was an exercise in colonial gun control.

With the standard magazine removed and replaced with a wooden plug, the barrel rifling swapped for a smoothbore shotgun load, and the sights fixed on the lowest setting, these guns were used for both constabulary purposes inside the British Empire– much like the Greener Police Shotgun— and for hunting in areas of the UK where the regular military-issue SMLE would require more regulation than a shotgun certificate.

Eric and Chad with IV8888 have one of these modded .410s on hand and gives it a go in the above video. Theirs has the chamber opened up to accommodate a modern 2.5-inch shell rather than the old British military surplus MK-1-Z loads, which makes ammo choices a whole lot easier.

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