Mossy Oak releases Mastodon Extended Pack for hunters

The Mastodon (Photo: Mossy Oak)

Decked out in the Mossy Oak Mountain Country pattern, the Mastodon comes packed with features designed for hunters. (Photo: Mossy Oak)

Mossy Oak continues to expand on its hunting pack series, unveiling the Mossy Oak Mastodon in Mountain Country pattern.

The Mastodon features over 4,000 cubic inches of capacity, boasting an adjustable harness designed to fit torso lengths from 15 to 22-inches. The backpack comes stocked with mountain-specific features like a meat shelf for packing out, full-length fleece-lined scope pocket, side hip rifle boot caddy and a front shove pocket for quick storage of outer layers.

The bag also packs in Mossy Oak’s Modular Sling Retention System which adds a magnetic mechanical lock to the shoulder harness. The system keeps the gun sling at the top of the shoulder while providing the option to move the gun stock storage boot to the hip belt. This grants hunters the ability to transfer the weight of the gun to the bag instead of holding the firearm.

“The Mastodon occupies a previously empty spot in the market. Historically, paying hundreds of dollars for a committed western pack was the only option,” Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories Brand Director Mike Jones said in a press release. “We thought there wasn’t any reason a pack for the serious hunter couldn’t be affordable – so we made one that was. This pack has all the features of its more expensive counterparts, without the price tag.”

The hydration compatible Mastodon is available with a MSRP of $140.

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