Tandemkross introduces Maximus Plus1 Follower for Ruger MK series

(Photo: Tandemkross)

The followers showcase a bright red color designed to make empty mags easier to identify. (Photo: Tandemkross)

Tandemkross increases its presence in the Ruger MK accessory arena, recently introducing the Maximus Plus 1 Follower for MK shooters.

The Maximus Plus 1 Follower gives users the ability to load 11 rounds into a standard 10-round magazine. The company says the design is ideal for rimfire competition shooters who are permitted to start matches with 11 rounds on deck. The follower is constructed of durable Zytel in a bright red color scheme, showing shooters when the mag is empty.

โ€œThis product is culmination of feedback from our MKIII series Plus1 magazine bumpers,โ€ Tandemkross Business Development Director Bryan Haaker said in a press release. โ€œWe listened closely to customer requests and have separated the plus1 function from the bumper and now allow the extra capacity across all the Ruger MK series and generations. For those who want only a consistent positive mag lock, they get the bumper. For those who want more capacity, they get the follower. Anyone who wants both can still get both!โ€

The Maximus is a simple, drop-in which does not require specialized tools to install. Designed to work with all Ruger MK factory magazine base pads, the set-up also boasts compatibility with Tandemkross extended mag bumpers.

The Maximus offers a MSRP of $24.99, with two followers shipping per order.

The follower works with the following Ruger MK models:

  • MKIV Target
  • MKIV Competition
  • MKIV 22/45
  • MKIV 22/45 Tactical
  • MKIV 22/45 LITE
  • MKIII 22/45
  • MKIII 22/45 LITE
  • MKII
  • MKII 22/45

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