Masai Mara Shotgun now available for sale in U.S.

(Photo: Retay Firearms)

The Masai Mara Comfort is one of 15 models of the inertia action shotgun series. (Photo: Retay Arms)

The Masai Mara Shotgun by Retay Arms makes its way stateside with select dealers now stocking the semi-automatic shotgun series.

Originating in Turkey, the inertia action shotgun weighs just over 6-pounds and sports a Mara barrel in 24, 26, 28 and 30-inch lengths. The Masai Mara boasts Retay Arms proprietary InertiaPlus rotating bolt system as well as the company’s pwn push-button removable trigger group and removable ejector.  The set-up is available as a 12-guage with a 3-inch chamber, though the Turkish gun maker says a 3.5-inch version and a 20 gauge are both in development.

The Masai Mara offers a whopping 15 total configurations. Versions include finishing combinations such as oiled walnut, camouflage and black synthetic options. In addition, Retay offers several variants with factory applied Cerakote finishes on the receivers. Cerakote colors include silver, bronze, grey and satin. For camo lovers, the company offers factory performed water transfer printing with the Max-5 pattern from RealTree and EVO pattern from NextCamo.

Luxury models on the lineup tout oil finished Turkish walnut stocks constructed in Italy by Minelli Wood Products Spa. Stocks bound for the U.S. will be available in grades 2.5 and 3.

All Masai Mara models ship with Italian made microcell recoil pads produced by Cervellati as well as TruGlo sights, a locking ABS hard case and snap cap by Megaline Spa.

The shotgun series can be nabbed through authorized dealers with pricing starting at $799.

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