Melting down an 'entry level' S&W M&P15 Sport II (VIDEO)

The guys with IV8888 continue their series of rifle meltdowns by taking on one of Smith’s more popular lightweight budget rifles and seeing just how many rounds it could handle.

While these rifles are listed by S&W with an MSRP of $739, you can often find them for around $500, making the Sport II a solid candidate for those just getting into the modern sporting rifle scene. However, with its 4140 pencil barrel and basic direct gas impingement layout, just how rugged is this popgun?

For that, Eric changes out the lower for a registered select-fire model and swaps out Smith’s bolt with a PSA full-auto profile BCG to accommodate the rate of fire then takes the hybrid to the range and starts running round after round until it starts to glow and smoke. In the end, it keeps ticking even while the handguards are ablaze.

But how many rounds do they get off before the gun gives up the ghost? Watch the video.

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