Krebs Customs says so long to Keymod, hello to M-LOK

(Photo: Krebs Customs)

Krebs Customs dives into M-LOK infested waters with its VEPR handguard. (Photo: Krebs Customs)

With the announcement of a new M-LOK compatible AK handguard, Krebs Customs says goodbye to Keymod, officially integrating M-LOK into its product lineup.

The VEPR-FM-AK-11 marks the company’s first foray into M-LOK forends, but it won’t be the last. Krebs Customs says customers can expect to see more M-LOK products moving forward as the company ditches Keymod in favor of the M-LOK platform.

“We try to upgrades as time goes on and make improvements,” Marc Krebs, Founder of Krebs Customs, told in a phone interview. “The first M-LOK model is for the VEPR, then we’re going to be making (M-LOK) for rifles and then we’ll start switching models.”

Krebs pointed to both an uptick in consumer interest as well as the Naval Surface Warfare Center’s 2016 report on the platform as to why Krebs Customs is making the leap to M-LOK.  The Navy’s tests ultimately concluded that M-LOK’s performance surpassed those of its competitors, namely Keymod. The report eventually led to U.S. Special Operations Command’s adoption of the M-LOK system.

Krebs says though the future is in M-LOK, the company still intends to offer Keymod on past product lines. “I don’t know that we’ll stop making Keymod,” he said. “But we’re definitely going to be transitioning to M-LOK.”

The switch won’t happen overnight, but will instead take the company roughly six months to achieve. In the meantime, AK fans can snag the VEPR M-LOK handguard for $159 from Krebs.

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