Ergo Modular Armorer Stand now available for 1911 pistols

(Photo: Ergo)

The Modular Armorer Stand now works with 1911s. (Photo: Ergo)

Ergo announced a new version of its Modular Armorer stand, now catering to 1911 shooters.

The Modular Armorer Stand consists of a MAST Base and MAST Module, designed to work alongside 1911 pistols. The module slides into the 1911’s magwell where it locks securely into the magazine release. Once locked into the gun, the module can then be bolted directly to a bench, clamped in a vise or mounted on the MAST base to allow gun owners to work anywhere. After work is complete, the 1911 is removed from the module by depressing the mag release button. The MAST modules will fit all Colt 1911 and Colt 1911 clones.

The MAST base works with any MAST modules, including previously released versions for small frame and large frame Glocks. Ergo says the MAST system is built tough from reinforced polymer that is impact, temperature and chemical resistant.

Ergo’s Modular Armorer Stand for 1911s starts under $20.

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