Cutdown Mosin SBR stretching out to 600 yards with a red dot (VIDEO)

Using a Georgia-made obrez-ish Mosin M91 with an abbreviated 10.5-inch barrel, the guys at IV8888 try to go the distance.

Built on the cheap, the short-barreled rifle is topped off with a Vortex Sparc II optic set up scout rifle style (and yes, it still takes stripper clips), a custom rear grip/stock, and hushup via an AAC 7.62-SDN-6 suppressor. Using good ol Russian-imported 203-grain Brown Bear soft points, Eric tries to smack a series of gongs at the 600-yard mark while Chad gives a running correction until they manage to get a few hits on target.

Using a red dot scope on a whittled down Mosin and ammo that runs something like -101 inches at 600 yards out of a full-length barrel? Almost any hit at that distance should be considered exceptional.

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