The home-built 'Commie Tommie gun' is crafted from like 6 different firearms (VIDEO)

The platypus equivalent of a gun, this workshop-crafted AK in 9mm adds elements from an SKS, PPSh, and Finnish Suomi KP/-31 among others.

As described by YouTuber V8 Merc, the maker behind the build, before he pops off some rounds fed through a Suomi drum, the AK receiver is fitted in the wooden stock from an SKS with a PPSh-41 barrel shroud.

Blowback action, it uses a gas tube from a Saiga coupled with a bolt group, top cover and recoil spring from an 8mm Mauser Yugoslav M-76 rifle with a firing pin and locking piece from an HK91 modified with a Suomi bolt head and an AK-style ejector.

The fun thing is since it’s a featureless stock and the drum mag is welded to a 10-round limit, the gun is California compliant, earning it the name “Cali Commie Tommie gun.”

In all, the gun took three years to build, and once he field strips it out, the weirdness really starts to set in. Somewhere in the Khyber Pass, an assembly of artisanal gunsmiths in man dresses and pakol hats are getting ready to offer this guy a guild membership.

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