The unique problems involved with suppressor use in night hunting (VIDEO)

12/8/17 8:30 AM | by

The unique problems involved with suppressor use in night hunting (VIDEO)

The gang at the VSO Gun Channel break down why and which suppressor is ideal for hunting at night while explaining how things like “port pop” play into the equation when the lights go out.

Before the Fudd crew cranks up the outrage siren too much, according to the American Suppressor Association, various silencers and sound moderators are legal to use for taking game in 40 states, many of which allow night hunting to control pests and invasive species such as feral pigs, especially on private land.

As detailed in the above, suppressors can help trim muzzle blast at night and the associated bloom out effect on night vision and thermal gear– and apparently, there is a difference between cans on just how much.

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