Tour of Battlefield: Vegas's gun vault with over 500 machine guns (VIDEO)

Since opening in 2012, Battlefield: Vegas has become a premier tourist attraction in Las Vegas. With the success, the company has expanded its collection of machine guns into the hundreds — including some incredibly rare ones — that are on display and available for range shooting. Range Safety Officer Andrew Bryant walks us through the store’s vault containing more than 500 semi- and fully-automatic weapons.

The four guns Bryant demonstrates are the French 9mm Hotchkiss Universal SMG. It’s commonly referred to as the ‘transformer gun’ because it folds up into a fairly small package. It was designed and put into production in 1949, but saw very limited sales and use. It’s extremely rare. There is only one transferable Hotchkiss in the US. It fires in either semi-auto and fully automatic.

The next gun is the British 9mm Sterling suppressed submachine gun. This is a very smooth and flat shooting weapon. It was introduced in 1944, it wasn’t adopted by the British until 1953, but then enjoyed a lengthy career until 1994. The integrally suppressed model is a very rare find. It fires in either semi-auto and fully automatic.

The next gun is the German FG 42 8mm paratrooper rifle produced by Nazi Germany in 1942. It combined the characteristics of a submachine gun with the firepower of a rifle. It was considered the most advanced weapon design of WWII and many of it’s design features were used in the M60 machine gun. It is a very rare gun and can fire in either semi-auto and fully automatic, although the weapon at Battlefield: Vegas can only fire in semi-auto.

The last gun is the German Heckler & Koch MP7. It entered service in 2001 and fires the HK 4.6×30mm round. It’s considered personal defense weapon (PDW) and is currently used by special forces in a number of NATO countries as well as SEAL Team Six in the USA. It fires in either semi-auto and fully automatic and is extremely controllable.

Battlefield: Vegas welcomes you to visit and fire machine guns the next time you’re in Las Vegas. They’re a veteran owned and operated business.

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