You'd be surprised at the scope of this lady's EDC options (VIDEO)

Anna Taylor with concealed carry clothier Dene Adams shows how easy it can be to carry no less than seven handguns at the same time as well as other every day carry items.

Rocking a Sig P320 Compact along with a couple of spare mags, Taylor also produces no less than three Glocks (a G17, G43 and a fashionable G19 in Tiffany Blue) before magically materializes with another pair of Sigs, a North American Arms Mini Revolver and a tourniquet to go along with her walking around money, Costco card, an OTF knife and some lip gloss.

Sure it’s a five~ minute commercial for Dene Adams as it shows off their concealed carry Tactical Leggings and active bra (which may or may be NSFW depending on your company), and she admits it is a little overkill– but it does provide an example that you should never underestimate just what someone may have concealed about their person.

Meanwhile, some guy right now is complaining that his J-frame .38 is too heavy.

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