DeSantis releases Facilitator holster for Glock 43

(Photo: DeSantis)

The Facilitator now offers compatibility with the G43. (Photo: DeSantis)

DeSantis introduced a new fit for its Facilitator holster, launching a Glockl 43 variant on the Kydex design.

The Facilitator offers a rigid 0.125-inch Kydex sheet paired with glass reinforced nylon that the company says delivers strength and durability to the set-up.

The holster features DeSantis’ Redi-Lok trigger locking device created to securing the firearm and preventing unwanted parties from snatching the G43.

The holster maker says the Redi-Lok system is located on the inboard side of the system so that it does not call additional attention to itself. The Redi-Lok feature, according to DeSantis, is “totally instinctual” and requires no additional training to deploy.

The Facilitator can be worn strong side or in the cross draw or small of back positions. The slim style holster delivers a concealable rig with 1 3/4-inch belt slots for mounting onto pants. Available in classic black and in right and left handed configurations, the Facilitator features a price tag of $54.99.

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