Just a Khyber Pass bolt-action '7mm' AK here (VIDEO)

Though it looks Kalashnikov-ish and even has a faked Izhevsk marking, the scratch-built rifle from somewhere along the North-West Frontier only looks that way.

Ian McCollum with Forgotten Weapons dives deep into the Khyber Pass rifle while browsing the fabled National Firearms Centre collection at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. The AK lookalike has a fake gas tube and cleaning rod, is marked in 7mm though they can’t figure out just what 7mm it is, and is actually a crude bolt-action, not a semi-auto.

“It’s interesting to think about what the design intent was for this rifle, who it was being made for,” says McCollum, theorizing it may have been ordered for a user familiar with bolt-action guns but wanted a more modern look, or perhaps the gunsmith was just experimenting and was making a decorative rifle.

Either way, wow, just wow.

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