Turning an AR-15 into a smoke pole with a .50 cal muzzleloader upper (VIDEOS)

Black rifle expert Jim Zimba with Bigshooterist starts making clouds on an AR after he mounts a Trident Armory ML-15 conversion to it.

The ML-15 upper, made by Trident in Maine, uses 209 primers and features a stainless barrel that mates to standard AR lowers in just a few seconds. Zimba, a longtime writer for Small Arms Review and author of The Evolution of the Black Rifle, seems to really get a kick out of it in the above video while on a trip to “the grocery store.” It even has a possibles kit that fits inside the magazine well.

For those in the “would you like to know more” category, he takes the set-up back to the shop and explains the ML-15 in a bit more detail.

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