Savage unveils all new Modern Sporting Rifle in .224 Valkyrie

(Photo: Vista Outdoors, Graphic: Jacki Billings)

The .224 Valkyrie MSR is due to hit dealer shelves in late January. (Photo: Vista Outdoors, Graphic: Jacki Billings)

Savage finishes up 2017 with a Modern Sporting Rifle chambered in Federal Premium Ammunition’s brand new .224 Valkyrie.

Built on the competition-ready MSR 15 Recon platform, the Valkyrie variant receives a small facelift, boasting an upgraded 18-inch barrel with 5R rifling paired with a two-stage trigger. Featuring an Elite Series Cerakote finish, rifle touts an adjustable mid-length gas system that can be fine-tuned for specific ammo for better cycling and performance.

Savage tops off the Valkyrie’s design with a Hogue pistol grip, UBR Gen 2 buttstock and muzzle brake with 1/2×28 threads.

“Savage is pleased to introduce a modern sporting rifle built to squeeze the maximum performance from the hottest new round in long-range shooting,” Savage said in a statement. “Together, rifle and cartridge take the popular MSR 15 platform to unheard of heights in long-range precision and ballistic performance.”

Despite rumors earlier this month on the round’s existence, the .224 Valkyrie was officially launched Thursday by Federal Premium. The round looks to offer flatter trajectories paired with match-grade accuracy and supersonic velocities. Geared towards ranges beyond 1,300 yards, the .224 Valkyrie elevates long-range precision shooting performance, according to Federal Premium.

“The 224 Valkyrie is based on a 30 Rem./6.8 SPC case necked down to .224 caliber,” said Mike Holm, Federal Premium Centerfire Ammunition Global Product Lane Director, in a press release. “It beats the ballistics of all other MSR 15 cartridges, including the 22 Nosler, 223 Rem. and 6.5 Grendel. Plus, it offers comparable performance to larger rounds like the 6.5 Creedmoor, with roughly half the felt recoil—and at a more economical price.”

Consumers interested in the .224 Valkyrie offerings can pick up Savage’s rifle for $1,499 starting in late January and then head over to Federal Premium where they have the choice of four .224 loads starting at $12.95.


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