American Clandestine Equipment rolls out SMG9-SC for Scorpion Evo 3

(Photo: American Clandestine Equipment)

The SMG9-SC is specifically constructed to elevate the CZ  Scorpion Evo’s design. (Photo: American Clandestine Equipment)

American Clandestine Equipment debuted a new suppressor, the SMG9-SC, designed to work alongside the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1/A1.

Precision machined, the SMG9-SC features 12 clipped ported baffle cones inside the voluminous can that provides a measured sound level reduction of 32.5-decibels. American Clandestine Equipment says the silencer’s baffle design “minimizes zero point shift to less than 2 MOA” with that fist round pop effectively eliminated.

Tipping scales at 10.75-ounces and measuring 8.75-inches in total length, the suppressor is full auto rated to 90 rounds in addition to touting 9mm+P capability. Utilizing a 1/2-28 threaded mount, the SMG9-SC is tailor made to the Scorpion offering a rigid mount that prevents loosening while firing. The company says the can is fully user serviceable with the goal being easy maintenance on the user end.

Though designed specifically with the Scorpion Evo in mind, American Clandestine Equipment says the can features optional mounting caps that open the device up for use with other 9mm platforms.

The SMG9-SC ships with the suppressor and service/installation tools all for the price of $1,199; but don’t forget, the BATFE will want their NFA paperwork and $200 cut prior to ownership.

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